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Will Wat, if not, What Will?: Script Excerpt

'Doesn't just show you the peasants' revolt of 1381, it invites you in it. By the end I felt ready to raise a billhook against all oppressors.' - John Mortimer, The Observer

Told in short scenes with contemporary ballads and a myriad of characters doubled by the actors, the play is based on the surviving contemporary records of Wat Tyler's uprising, and tries to show where the rebels came unstuck.

Will Wat Script cover

(TYLER spurs his horse away from THE REBELS over to THE LORDS and RICHARD II. He holds out his hand. RICHARD hesitates, then shakes it)

Tyler: You see all these people? (RICHARD nods) Every one of 'em's sworn to do just as I say.

Richard: You're their leader, aren't you.

Tyler: They won't go away `less we get what we want.

Richard: You shall have what you want.

Tyler: In that case, cheer up. In the next fortnight we'll be twice as much for you, and we'll be good mates.

Richard: Why won't you go home? If you break up now and go home, charters will be brought to each village in turn, as I promised.

Tyler: Hell boy, we're not going home with vague promises. If you don't keep that lot happy, they'll have the heads off these rag dolls of yours. (He gestures towards THE LORDS)

Richard: If you tell me what you want, I'll have it drawn up under my seal.

Tyler: That's better. Now listen carefully. This must be exact ...

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