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What They Want: Script Excerpt

Originally written for teenagers in an evening class group at Oval House, Kennington, and subsequently produced ina revised form on radio, this short play is adapted from the Roman playwright Terence's comedy, The Brothers, in which two sons run wild under the eye of an indulgent uncle while their strict father is away.

Dave: Well well, who'd a thought it.

Terry: Shut up.

Dave: Tel' the shy one, Tel' the quiet one.

Terry: Give it a rest, will yer.

Dave: Talk about a dark 'orse.

Terry: Yeh well it 'appened, I'm glad it 'appened, an' I don't need you goin' on about it.

Dave: You ain't feelin' guilty by any chance?

Terry: No I ain't!

Dave: I should think not. Sheila Martell, Number Four in the charts, Goldenboobs 'erself! What did you say to her?

Terry: I don't remember. I was sittin' there on me own, fed up. I ws goin' a go home. Then suddenly she came up.

Dave: She spoke to you! I don't believe it. The most celebrated body in the musicbiz! What's she goin' a see in you?

Terry: Ask her. It was spontaneous. We jus' clicked.

Dave: Musta done, if she's takin' you on tour with 'er. -- Though yer timin' leaves a little to be desired.

Terry: When's Dad get out?

Dave: Friday week.

Terry: Christ. her first gig's in a fortnight.

Dave: He ain't goin'a like it, Tel'.

Terry: Yeh well ...

Dave: What you goin'a say to 'im? More to the point, what's he goin'a say to you?

Terry: I might not hang around to find out ...

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