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Running Wild: Script Excerpt

When, thanks to bored estate agent Sharon, Edward and Emily find the country retreat of their dreams in a disused railway station, they little suspect that they will soon fall foul of environmentalist Ray, nimby Phil, Mr Jones of Planning, their best friends Bob and Louise and, to cap it all, a beautiful barn owl.

Abandoned railway station

Emily: Isn't it wonderful?

Edward: It's a lot of work.

Emily: But it's so big, so open ...

Edward: It'll cost a fortune.

Emily: But we knew that, didn't we. Fort the size we wanted. You wanted somewhere to work on. Somewhere with possibilities.

Edward: I hadn't imagined them quite so endless, that's all. It's not till you actually see a place ... (Takes out a pencial and makes notes)

Emily: And the air's so good. I noticed as soon as we got here. Like when you step off the plane on holiday.

Edward: Is that a hole in the roof?

Emily: Where?

Edward: Just below the chimney. I'm sure I heard something scuttling in the loft.

Emily: (Pleased) Really? What d'you think it was?

Edward: I'm thinking of the expense. The place is listed, don't forget.

Emily: I thought that was a plus.

Edward: That's all real slate! The thick kind too. We might need new timbers ...

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