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Fast One by Steve Gooch

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Female Transport South London Theatre poster

Female Transport
'A tough, realistic and detailed account of the hardships endured by six female convicts transported to Australia in the early 19th Century' - Michael Billington, The Guardian

'Female Transport is a wonderful play. It can stand on its own merits as a piece of literature ... its dialogue is the open verse of human poetry.' - Stu Feiler, News/Voice, Chicago

'There is nothing sentimental in Gooch's picture ... his language is rough and racy, his emotions primitive.' - Sylviane Gold, New York Post

The Women Pirates
'Mary survives as a soldier in Flanders, and Ann libertinely uses her body, to meet just when piracy is dying. More fun than anything in the West End.' - Sandy Craig, Time Out

Fast One
'A merchant seaman heads off with his favourite barmaid for South America and is drawn into revolution and gun-running - one of our most trenchant playwrights.' -
Malcolm Hay, Time Out

Will Wat, if not, What Will?
'Doesn't just show you the peasants' revolt of 1381, it invites you in it. By the end I felt ready to raise a billhook against all oppressors.' - John Mortimer, The Observer

Good For You
'Savagely knowing about how men and women relate' -
Robin Thornber, The Guardian

Taking Liberties by Steve Gooch

Taking Liberties
'Disenchantment with parliament in the form of mock elections in the 18th Century. A bustling account of the time.' -
Malcolm Hay, Time Out

The Motor Show
'An exhilarating evening which reasserts the potential for a real political theatre' - Michael Coveney, Financial Times

Back-Street Romeo
'An "East Side Story" in modern Cockney with a nicely sardonic humour. A much superior evening.' - Rosemary Say, The Sunday Telegraph

It's all for the Best (adaptation)
'One of the speediest stories ever written, Mr Gooch has managed to compress it further. His sense of barrack-room wit serves him well.' - Irving Wardle, The Times

'A fascinating insight into class and gender in Victorian Britain.' -
V. Plaupie, City Limits

"A theatrical goldmine of fleshy confrontations about class, gender and ideas of 'work' . His skills for turning history into drama cannot be faulted - the lasses' banter is a delight to witness." - Paula Webb, Time Out

Dark Glory
"Mr Gooch has created an absorbing and enjoyable piece of theatre" - Country Life
"A theatre of psychological truth and sharp insight" - Simon Reade, Plays International

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