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The Motor Show: The Foreman's Song

Play with songs written with Paul Thompson, borrowing elements of vaudeville and music-hall, and telling in short, fast-moving scenes the history of the Ford Motor Company in Dagenham and its struggle with the trades unions - also the subject of successful British film 'Made in Dagenham' starring Bob Hoskins. The images below come from a production featuring Ken Morley (left, glasses) later best known for his role in Coronation Street.

'An exhilarating evening which reasserts the potential for a real political theatre' - Michael Coveney, Financial Times

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Nobody loves the foreman,
This job is a bleedin' dead loss.
Nobody loves the foreman,
Not even the foreman's boss ...

When I was an ordinary worker,
Life was hard but life made sense.
Since I became a foreman
I been sittin' on the fence ...

Nobody loves the foreman,
It's a miserable kind of life.
Nobody loves the foreman,
Not even the foreman's wife.

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