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Mister Fun: Script Excerpt

First performed by Stephen Daldry's Sheffield-based Metro Theatre Company, and subsequently in Paris and on tour in France to young audiences, the play tells of Gil and Shelley, barely out of their teens but brought together by the romance of the fairground. Appropriately, Sheffield is also the home of the National Fairground Archive.

Mister Fun by Steve Gooch Programme cover Mister Fun by Steve Gooch Metro Theatre Production Mister Fun Metro Theatre Sheffield Steve Gooch play Mister Fun Mister Fun Paris Theatre Production

Shelley: You sure we're all right here?

Gil: Course we're all right. It's a fairground, en't it?

Shelley: I can't see any other caravans.

Gil: Can't see much of owt. Place has been decimated.

Shelley: I said this were daft.

Gil: Don't start that again.

Shelley: We should've asked.

Gil: If we'd asked, he'd a said no. As it is, we're already here. Fate accomplee.

Shelley: I gave up a bloody good job fer this.

Gil: Drudgery is what that were. This is what we're cut out fer.

Shelley: You're obsessed wi' bloody fair, you.

Gil: It may have finished wi' me, but I ain't finished wi' it.

Shelley: Look at it though. It looks right bedraggled.

Gil: That's only t' rain.

Shelley: Half of it's gone!

Gil: Madam Gozo's still tellin' fortunes.

Shelley: She's not.

Gil: What's that tent then? Bloody mirage?

Shelley: I had a look. It's bein' used as a toilet.

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