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Good For You: Script Excerpt

'Mike and Sally are on a retreat to patch up their crumbling affair. real life intrudes and bursts the bubble ... Savagely knowing about how men and women relate.' - Robin Thornber, The Guardian

Good For You by Steve Gooch

Mike: I don't see how we can sort anything out till we know if the firm's moving.

Sally: Forget all that. It's just you and me, the two of us, here. All right?

Mike: All right. (Pause) Alone at last. (Pause) Again.

Sally: You don't have to sound so pleased about it.

Mike: I supose I don't believe in it, that's all.

Sally: Why not? We're here. There's no one else.

Mike: You can't shut everything out.

Sally: We can try.

Mike: Just by talking?

Sally: Yes.

(Very long pause.)

Mike: And it's me to start, I suppose.

Sally: Not necessarily.

Mike: I already have though, haven't I.

Sally: We could start again.

Mike: You miss my point ...

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