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Massa by Steve Gooch

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Out to Play - Plays about Couples and Relationships

Bill of Health
Fast One
Good for You
Mister Fun
Running Wild
Star Turns
Your Loving

Bill of Health (2m, 2f)

First performed on radio, this stage version begins at the end of the hippy era when Si and Jenny take over a loft. Soon after seeing its suitability as a place for friends like Pete to work out, the business-minded Leah begins to realise its potential now that the 'health biz' is beginning to take off. Differing attitudes to their 'golden egg' threaten to tear the friends apart, but a suprising turn pulls them back together. Click here for script excerpt.

Fast One by Steve Gooch

Fast One (4m, 2f)

'A merchant seaman heads off with his favourite barmaid for South America, and is drawn into revolution and gun-running. One of our most trenchant playwrights.' - Malcolm Hay, Time Out. Click here for script excerpt.

Good For You (1m, 1f)

'Mike and Sally are on a retreat to patch up their crumbling affair. real life intrudes and bursts the bubble ... Savagely knowing about how men and women relate.' - Robin Thornber, The Guardian. Click here for script excerpt.

Massa (7f, 2m)

Arthur Munby worked for the Victorian Church Commission, but in his summer holidays he became a proto-sociologist, scouring England for examples of women working in hard, physical labour, the record of which is in his diaries and extraordinary photographs, particularly of the surface coalpit 'lasses' of Northern England.
The strangenes of his hobby was compounded however by his 14-year clandestine affair with maid-of-all-work Hannah Cullwick, whom he eventually married. An unlikely social pairing, their relationship was modern for its time, and they were forced to separate but saw each other regularly into old age. Click here for script excerpt.

Mister Fun Metro Theatre poster

Mister Fun (3m, 2f)

First performed by Stephen Daldry's Sheffield-based Metro Theatre Company, and subsequently in Paris and on tour in France to young audiences, the play tells of Gil and Shelley, barely out of their teens but brought together by the romance of the fairground. Shacking up together in his motor-caravan, they soon discover the disillusionment of real life in the 'streamlining' 1980s when Gil and his best friend, the simple but mechanical genius Marshy, are fired, and the fairground is taken over first by the Town Council and then by the electronics industry. Click here for script excerpt.

Running Wild (5m, 3f)

When, thanks to bored estate agent Sharon, Edward and Emily find the country retreat of their dreams in a disused railway station, they little suspect that they will soon fall foul of environmentalist Ray, nimby Phil, Mr Jones of Planning, their best friends Bob and Louise and, to cap it all, a beautiful barn owl. Click here for script excerpt.

Star Turns (3f, 2m)

Based on the Elizabethan classic by John Lyly, brother to the Astronomer Royal. Three women in the suburbs take advantage of their menfolk being away on a footballing weekend to indulge in some girlie speculation about astrology. Who, according to the stars, would make the perfect man? Not Doug, surely? Click here for script excerpt.

Emma Goldman speaking

Your Loving (3m, 2f)

When the famous anarchist agitator Emma Goldman, hounded by the police and looking for a friendly meeting-hall in Chicago, walks into Ben Reitman's office, she doesn't count on falling passionately in love. As for Ben, the self-styled 'King of the Hoboes' doesn't count on his unreliable movements being viewed with suspicion by Emma's political cronies. Communicating at first through letters, Ben persuades the charismatic speaker to take him on as her business manager and minder. But then money starts to go missing... Click here for script excerpt.

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