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Cocky's Girls: Script Excerpt

With a powerful but elderly mother, his shrewd and industrious wife Alma, his glamorous production secretary Joan, and a talented daughter - not to mention Grace Kelly and those other famous blondes - is it any wonder Alfred Hitchcock made those films the way he did?

Alfred Hitchcock - Cocky's Girls

Joan: Sorry to interrupt. The Prince is on the phone.

Alfred: You interrupt us now for that!

Joan: Well I thought in the circumstances ...

Alfred: In the circumstances he can bloody well wait!

Grace: I'd better speak to him. (She moves)

Alfred: Stay!

Alma: (Shocked) She's not a dog, Cocky!

Alfred: She's behaving like one. One jerk on the lead ...

Grace: I love him, Alfred.

Alfred: Ha!

Grace: I do!

Alfred: Love the money more like.

Alma: Cocky, you're not going about this right way.

Alfred: How dare he steal her from me!

Alma: Say that again?

Alfred: Well what else would you call it?

Alma: Is he making a movie with her?

Alfred: No.

Alma: Are you going out with her?

Alfred: No.

Alma: Well then ...

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